Below is a list of property tax exemption programs available to all residential homeowners. Not all qualifying criteria is provided. Please inquire for more detailed information. For the year 2009, the General Homestead Exemption was increased to $6000. For the year 2013, the Senior Citizen Exemption was increased to $5000.  The Senior Freeze total household income has increased to $55,000. The Homestead Improvement was also increased to 25,000 assessed value or $75,000 "Market Value".

GENERAL HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION:   Lowers the equalized assessed value of your property by $6,000.a. Must be owner occupied by Jan 1st of the tax year.b. Contract for deed sale.

HOMESTEAD IMPROVEMENT EXEMPTIONA maximum of 25,000 assessed value or $75,000 "Market Value". This exemption defers for four years any increase in the assessment of your property due to an addition or other improvement to your property.a. Must be owner occupied. b. Two different improvements on the same property can run concurrently as long as $45,000 is not exceeded.         

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SENIOR CITIZEN HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION: Senior Homestead Exemption - This an additional $5,000 exemption for seniors. a. Must have reached age 65 during the tax year. b. Must be owner occupied.To file for a Senior Citizen Homestead Exemption you will need:Copy of your recorded deedCopy of your Birth Certificate, Illinois Drivers License, or Illinois IDCopy of current tax bill or your P.I.N (property index number).You may request an application from the Supervisor of Assessments office or your local Township Assessor.
Senior Citizens Real Estate Tax Deferral Program
 - available to qualified seniors 65 or over with a total householdincome of $25,000 or less. Deferred taxes are paid by the state with repayment plus interest due upon settlement ofestate orsale of the property. For more information call the Treasurer's Office a (815) 740-4675.     

Senior Citizens Circuit Breaker Grants - A state program which provides yearly grants to renters and homeowners 65 and over to help pay property taxes. Maximum household income $16,000.or less. For more information contact the State toll free 1-800-624-2459.

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SENIOR FREEZE EXEMPTION:   In the calendar year that you will be turning 65 years of age you can apply for this exemption Must be 65 or older.The maximum household income is $55,000.Must be your principal dwelling place as of Jan. 1st of the tax year. In your qualifying year the property is given a base year assessment. The base year assessment minus the General Homestead Exemption and regular Senior Exemption is used to complete the tax bill amount. The base year assessment remains unchanged until the property sells, is altered by adding or removing improvements, or the seniors income for a year goes over the income threshold. Please call the Will County Supervisor of Assessments Office (815) 740-4648 to inquire what paper work you need to bring with you. That office is located in the Will County Building located at 302 N Chicago St. in Downtown Joliet.

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DISABLED VETERAN'S EXEMPTION: Buildings used for Veterans of Foreign Wars qualify for special assessment. This program provides up to a $50,000 exemption of the equalized assessed value to a qualifying veteran or the veteran's their unmarried surviving spouse. a. Must have a disability of such nature that the Federal Govt. has authorized payment for the purchase or construction of housing with special adaptations to meet your disability. You can contact the local Will County Veteran's Assistance Office for further information at (815)740-8389

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RETURNING VETERANS' HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION: The Returning Veteran may be eligible for 2 years. If the returning veteran owns a home as of January 1st the year he or she returns, they may qualify for a returning veterans' exemption of $5,000. If they continue to owner occupy their home the following January 1st, the exemption will be applied again. This is for 2 years only, and only one application is required. IF the veteran buys a home the year he or she returns, they may qualify for the exemption the next year if they owner occupy the home as of January 1st of the following year. This would then qualify them for a one year exemption. 

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Veterans with a 50 to 69% service connected disability rating are entitled to an exemption of $2,500.
Veterans with a 70 to 100% service connected disability rating are entitled to an exemption of $5,000.

As of January 1st, 2011, all letters received from the Department of Veterans Affairs must state the actual percentage of service-connected disability NOT the percentage at which the veteran is being compensated. Letters must be worded in the following      way: The veteran  is [insert percentage] service-connected disabled. Letters not worded in this way will be sent back with a request for the correct way.        

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DISABLED PERSONS' HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION: Annual application-$2,000 Exemption. Disabled Veterans and persons receiving exemptions will receive renewal applications from the County the first of April.