Tax Rate Data

The 2016 Tax Rate used to calculate taxes payable in 2017 is available now.  The tax rates each year are calculated by the county clerk's office.  They are usually available by May of the current calendar year.  A current year Sale Price multiplied by the 2016 Effective Tax Rate is one way to estimate the amount of a tax bill.  When the 2016 rate is not available use the prior year Effective Tax Rate to calculate the estimated tax bill. 
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The data below is a 2-year tax rate history for each Tax Body whose tax levy creates a partial tax rate that contributes to the total tax rate for each Tax Code shown above.  In theory as the assessed value of a jurisdiction increases the individual Tax Body can levy to allow their individual Tax Rate to drop and still receive more tax dollars for their operating expenses.  A negative number in the Rate Change Percent Column below indicate the ones with this conservative approach.
Tax Body#Tax Body2016 Tax Body Rate2015 Tax Body RateRate Change PercentPercent of 
Total Rate
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